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They expect us to be silent when we have yet to be heard. There’s no such thing as “wrong place, wrong time” when you’re the target everywhere at all times. We scream “Black Lives Matter” because when one of us gets killed, we all die inside. It happens to my brothers and it can happen to me. Y’all giving us more reasons to protest but wonder why we’re angry? There is no justice so let there be no peace. Let’s call a spade a spade and this spade is black men, women, and children getting murdered on camera!!!! Another mom without a son, another child without a father, and another black king becoming a hashtag. Do you think it’s fair for racist white cops to take a black man from his family and go home to theirs?! I understand that not everything applies to everyone, but police brutality within the black community is the situation at hand and we’re tired of being victims. George Floyd uttered the same words as the late Eric Gardner of “I can’t breathe” and both lives were taken in the same manner by racist murderous police. It’s sad to say we have a systemic cycle of injustice that exists in America and firing these officers is not enough!! To my people of color across the nation, we will continue taking the necessary actions, until we’re heard and get the justice we deserve. I commend all the black kings using their platforms to shed light on this matter #Somebodygottadoit