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The saying “Somebody Gotta Do It“ was coined mid-2014 as a #hashtag on social media by the Founder of SGDI, Youssouph Ndiaye. Born in New York, and raised in Senegal of West Africa, his goal has been to utilize social media as a way to inspire and influence his followers. This hashtag quickly propelled into a movement. Fast forward to June 1st of 2015 and the inaugural “Somebody Gotta Do It By: Y&P” clothing line was launched. SGDI was then rebranded into a Lifestyle Motivational Company. Youssouph encourages every person he meets to apply the brand’s message positively in any circumstance they face and to follow any dreams and aspirations they have in life. As we always say, “Somebody Gotta Do It, why not you?" Because if you don’t do it, someone else will! His goal is for all people to say this repeatedly because we believe that YOU CAN DO IT! The brand has now reached the 6 year mark in business! The success of the brand has a lot to do with current team members Shama Pierre and Eyram Tsikata. Together, the dream team trio has been able to reach many milestones. Today “Somebody Gotta Do it” has a talk-show, mentoring program, scholarship program, and annual fashion shows. This team embodies, selflessness, teamwork and hard work, all of which speak to the demeanor and mindset that SGDI prides itself on advocating for.

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